An Awesome App-liance Of Cardboard!

January 9, 2012

It seems that creating awesome spaces out of cardboard seems is one of the latest trends to hit the Interior Architecture and Design community. We noticed this due to the overwhelming response to our blog post last month on the Nothing Office that was made from cardboard and from the subsequent links our twitter followers sent us to view, these links lead us to a plethora of projects that all used cardboard as the primary design feature and construction tool. This makes us very happy, we love the use of cardboard primarily because it is such an affordable material but also because of the sustainable and eco friendly nature of it.

The latest project to wow the world by using cardboard is the Naver App Square Pop Up Store based in South Korea. South Korean design firm Urbantainer (great name) has created a cardboard pop up store for the search engine Naver. The concept is that this pop up is to represent a parcel that has just been opened and we are invited to look inside. The interiors as you can see from the images below are also made from cardboard, the overall effect created by this project is simply awesome, I know we tend to overuse that word slightly but this really is very cool, just check out those speaker systems that are covered in cardboard, how wicked do they look? For us this is another fine example of great eco friendly and sustainable design that creates a buzz and we are all about creating a buzz with Interior Architecture and Design.

Don’t forget to check out the cool video from Urbantainer at the end of the post.