An Awesome Office For An Awesome Product!

November 20, 2012

As Autodesk products play such a major role in my everyday activities as an interior architect I thought it would be remiss of me not to feature their new office project on this blog. The new Autodesk center in San Francisco is a triple whammy in that it is a gallery, customer briefing center and an office space for the Autodesk employees. The design was a collaborative effort led by HOK and not only is it awesome it is also LEED Platinum certified so it ticks my boxes of being a wicked project and a sustainable on too. As described below by the interior architects, HOK:

An innovative integrated project delivery (IPD) approach helped the team achieve LEED Platinum certification for Autodesk’s new gallery, customer briefing center and office space.

The new work environment, which is in the landmark One Market in downtown San Francisco, provides world-class collaborative space for the software developer. The design focuses on reusing existing materials and systems. The team maintained a significant portion of the existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire suppression system, minimizing new material or waste.

Interior surfaces are kept intact in most locations, with brick walls, concrete columns, ceilings, floors and infrastructure exposed with no new material covering, greatly limiting the total use of new materials in the project.

The IPD relationship was structured as a four-way partnership among two architecture firms, contractor and client, with each team member sharing both risk and reward. Through the efficiencies gained by using BIM and the IPD process, the team achieved key performance and sustainable metrics, including maximizing construction waste recycling to include 95% of all material.

In addition to Autodesk and HOK, the IPD team included DPR Construction and Anderson Anderson Architecture.

From a design perspective I am all about the wide open spaces especially as it is against a backdrop of rustic and industrial finishes, something that I have written quite a lot about in the last year or so proving that this trend is still very much “in” when it comes to office design. I also like how the design is quite unassuming yet incredibly succinct, a lot like the Autodesk products themselves, no frills, no gimmicks just clean cut, polished and very efficient, a perfect example of brand identity and key messages being display through the interior architecture and design.

Images Credited to HOK