An Earnest Approach To Ice Cream Store Design

March 26, 2017

Todays feature project is a really cool Ice Cream store design project and it’s really cool for many reasons, not just the fact that we are heading into the warmer months in Dubai and I am craving ice cream like crazy, but also a super project as it shows how you can still use the holy industrial design trinity of Brick, Concrete and Wood and create a design that is both polished and modern and steers clear of the overused and now much maligned industrial rustic movement.

The project is called Earnest Ice Cream Store and it is based in Vancouver, Canada. Designed by Janks Design Group, this project tugs at so many of my design strings. The concrete rendered service counter is a beauty, a real beauty, I absolute love the render on it and how it has been cuts as two large blocks, great craftsmanship.

The balance of this space is another winner for me, balancing the use of concrete, wood and brick yet still creating a bright, clean and inviting atmosphere is a triumph. Now, when you throw in a few more artistic touches such as the light fixtures and some of the pipe brackets for the shelving etc, you get a project that is as sophisticated as it is playful and we absolutely love it.


Photography by Amanda Oster