An Iconic Marketing Approach!

August 12, 2011

This week we had that great pleasure in meeting with the guys from The Landmark Group in Dubai, we talked about many subjects but in a detour away from discussing store design we discussed different ways how companies can launch stores with a big impact, ways that deviate from the tired and traditional ribbon cutting ceremony.

This conversation train led us down the track to discuss Landmarks “Iconic” store in Deira City Centre. We were shown a few Youtube clips of some flash and viral marketing ideas that they used to create a buzz about the opening of the store, from the flash mobs to the humorous skits we chuckled at this new and innovative approach that really reflected the brands quirkiness and target market.

Although this is a common occurrence that many large retailers and brands use across the world it is relatively new to the Middle East and for us at Studio EM we would love for one day one of our stores that we designed to be marketed in such a way as it pays a compliment to everyone involved in the project.

We hope you enjoy these clips taken fromĀ Youtube:

Iconic Flash Mob!


Iconic “GET IN” Skit!


Iconic “Taxi GET IN” Skit!


They made us chuckle in the office and we thought we should definitely share them with you.