An Office Design Fit For Captain Kirk!

November 3, 2011

Today’s project focus is courtesy of those lovely folks over at the HI-MACS press office in Switzerland who sent over this delightful little press release about the Hidrosalud office project, this fits nicely into our office and colour based theme this week. Whilst the design of this project is maybe not to our liking we thought the clever use and manipulation of HI-MACS in the office design warranted a place on our blog.

Our rather tongue in cheek title description should sum up this office design, it is perhaps more befitting for the Starship Enterprise or the Millenium Falcon rather than a company that works in the water treatment sector. There is no doubt there is amazing design elements to this project however how functional is this design would be our main query.

Hidrosalud Headquarters Offices by Cuartopensante Arquitectura Interior

Bringing commercial and high-profile image value to the administrative spaces of Hidrosalud, a company from Valencia that operates in the complete water treatment sector.

This was the aim of the Cuartopensante studio which, inspired by the nature of water itself, offered a completely innovative design: wild, dynamic and agile. These features adapt to a space characterised by transparency, verticality and the constant presence of curved and inclined elements.

The entrance is only a gateway to what awaits within: a minimalist atrium with an automatic door in tempered glass that opens onto a futuristic space with corridors that glide between the various rooms, creating a virtual underwater passage.

The richness of this type of interior architecture, characterised by sinuosity and by vertical parameters, connects the corridors and the customer services offices with management spaces, which are separated by an LCD liquid crystal screen between two glass plates. At the end are the sales office and a small showroom, to complete a setting that combines opacity and transparency perfectly.

In order to obtain the shapes desired for furnishing that is the heart of the new offices, a material like HI-MACS® was needed. Through the possibilities of new generation heat formed acrylic stone with no visible joints, the office desks have a rounded shape and a monolithic aspect. These features of HI-MACS® are also evident in the meeting room table which, despite the fact it is over 3 metres long, looks like a single piece.

In this way, thanks to the malleability and elegant aesthetics of HI-MACS®, finishes acquire higher quality. The material is also non-porous, making it easier to clean and maintain, essential features for objects in constant use like desks, counters or cupboard surfaces.

Revolutionary lighting, the result of a combination of LED spotlights and halogen bulbs that can adapt to different areas and work situations, complete the incredible architecture and the use of a high-tech material like acrylic stone.

The result perfect satisfies the client’s needs for practicality and the creative mission of designers Rafa Muñoz and Víctor Mollá, which was “the need to assimilate the ungovernable aspect of the aquatic element and extrapolate it into a liveable space”.

Photography by Xavier Molla