An Office Fit For A Design Agency!

November 27, 2012

It seems I have been quite quiet this past week, I assure you I am not sitting on the beach or on some European high street sipping a delicious latte and having a taste of the upcoming festive season, I can only wish, no unfortunately I have been snowed under a mountains worth of tender reviews for our large (47,000 sq ft) sports centre project, after reviewing all of the tender returns I swear I just see numbers everywhere I look. What this past week has taught me though is how important a comfortable and relaxed working environment is, especially when you really need to “get stuff done” and done on time in a precise manner.

When I saw the Ubiquitous Office I thought to myself, “yup, that’s a cool and comfortable office space that I could work in” but I do say that the gorgeous leather sofa breakout area had a lot to do with that as I could easily see myself lying with my feet up on it and chillaxing to the sound of the ticking grandfather clock. Based in Manchester, the office is designed by its owners, Ubiquitous, after all when you’re a full service design agency, why would you even consider someone else to design your office when you have the creative flair and know your requirements better than anyone else. I love this office design and the team and Ubiquitous have done an awesome job with it.

I am loving the wood porn that is going on with the wall cladding and the work stations, this mixed with the white tiling finish in the conference room and the stunning light features along with the quirky design features such as the cool mix of typography and graphics on show transport me to a vintage bygone industrial era, there is something very 1920’s or 30’s about it, I don’t know if that was the intention of Ubiquitous but it is what it makes me think of and this is why I think it rocks, it’s very subtly done and is sure to create the wow factor that clients look for when they walk through the doors of a design agency.  Check out the artistic images below and see if you could imagine seeing yourself working here.