An Office For 5!

February 26, 2012

This past week has been mostly about office designs for us at EMquarters, through our research we have come across the bold, the beautiful, the ridiculous, the sublime, the chic and the neat offices, the plethora of samples that now dress our research board in the office is a testament to the fact that office design has really become cool again. This isn’t just for the big boys or the typical companies that you would associate with funky office designs that have no worries over budget, oh no, even small startups are getting in on the act.

If we look at the Mr Design Office in Tokyo (yes, this is another example of my “I heart all things Japanese Design”) we can see a shining example of an office that is designed for a small firm but punches above its weight with mammoth organizations such as Adidas and Red Bull in terms of awesome interior design and workspace. Designed by Japanese Studio Schemata this office is only 190 square meters and is home to 5 employee’s, yet the design is easily something that you would associate with a much larger organization. The open, clean cut and white crisp interior is the epitome of open planned space, the design features a number of playful touches that are a lot more subtle than you would maybe expect. For instance there is a slide, but unlike the one at Google or Red Bull this slide blends into the office and isn’t as quite as in your face, the oversized acoustic dome not only serves a functional purpose but it is also quite a striking design feature.

For us though the real winner in this design is that it has the chance to grow should the company grow but also that everyone here as a sense of equality the design doesn’t discriminate between the employees nor does it create any sense of division and this is something that we really do love. Check out the images below and see for yourself.

Photography Credited to Takumi Ota