An Office For Those Who Love A Bit Of Urban Design!

September 8, 2013

Today I am feeling very urban and so I thought that in the spirit of my working mood I should share with you an awesome urban office space.  Based in Washington D.C. the new N’Clud office was designed by Wingate Hughes Architects and it’s a space that is all about Urban rusticity. N’clud are a creative web design agency so it stands to reason that they would have such a wicked office space.

I love the loft style brickwork, the exposed bricks give the space great texture especially when coupled with some of the bold artwork. The office flooring is a lot more subdued but it aids in giving the space a moody balance and you know I love the blackboard wall, this is something I feel every creative agency needs in their office, add in some quirky elements such as the bike racks and the artsy pipe bookshelves and you have an all round super cool and funky urban office space 🙂

Urban Office Space Interior Design

Urban Office Space Interior Design2

Urban Office Space Interior Design3

Urban Office Space Interior Design4

Urban Office Space Interior Design5