An Office The Encourages You To Drop In!

April 22, 2013

One of the best tools for any small business that deals in a lot of data transfer and large files has to be Dropbox. For small companies such as ours that don’t have large oversized and under utilized servers that take up an entire storeroom in an office, Dropbox is absolutely brilliant, especially if you are running your office off of Mac’s as it acts like a sort of cloud server (I think, I know as much about computer technology as I do about space travel)

I am digressing but the point is such a cool product and company deserves a cool office and from the perspective Dropbox fails to let me down again.  Designed by Geremia, the office is based in San Francisco (where else?) the home of many other leading tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Skype. Whilst this office may not be as polished or as techie as the others I have mentioned I have to say I absolutely love it as it has a super warm and homely feeling, as you can see from the images below, this is an office that is all about comfort and openness for the staff and clients who may visit, which is exactly the kind of laid back and chilled approach I expected from such a wicked company.

Office Interior Design

Office Interior Design2

Office Interior Design3

Office Interior Design4

Office Interior Design5

Office Interior Design6

Office Interior Design7

Office Interior Design8

Office Interior Design9