Another Month, Another Starbucks!

March 11, 2012

There hardly seems that a month goes by without us featuring a new Starbucks concept on this blog. This is a sign of the great things going on at Starbucks HQ in their concept design division; it is also a sign of how far Starbucks have come from being our poster boys for boring, lame cookie cutter interior design, now they are the poster boys for innovation, sustainability and darn right coffee shop design awesomeness.

Like the Starbucks we covered in Japan last month and the container drive through Starbucks project in December today’s feature project is as far removed from the old fashioned copy & paste store designs that we had become so used to and what’s more, it is a sustainable design. Located in the historic Rembrandtplein building in Amsterdam in what used to be the banks vault, this store was created by the in house team at Starbucks HQ and was lead by Liz Muller, Starbucks Concept Design Director.  The store aims to be as sustainable as possible by using locally source and salvaged materials such as the repurposed Dutch oak that was used for the tables, benches and the impressive ceiling feature.

The ceiling feature is the real eye catcher in this project and a labor of love with each of the 1,876 oak blocks having been individually cut and sized. Apart from the use of recycled materials such as the inner bicycle tubes, ginger bread moulds and the antique Delft tiles that adorn the walls the thing that appeals most to us is the rustic and stripped back aesthetics of this space. Take for example the exposed stone walls, the reused 1920’s marble flooring and the exposed brick on some of the feature walls, add a mix of understated lighting features and the chunky rough cut woods, the result being a modest, paired back and delicately understated piece of interior design awesomeness.

Now I really need a latte as every time I look at the below images I can almost smell the coffee roasting in the background.