Arch Daily’s Interior Of The Year!

March 12, 2012

Arch Daily, one of our favorite and most read publications announced the winners of the Arch Daily Buildings of the Year Contest last week, we were surprised, to see that our tip for Interior of the year, the No Picnic office did not win this category. However it was always going to be hard to separate all of the nominees each had their own unique features of design awesomeness. But who did end up pippin the No Picnic office at the post?

Well that honor and the honor of Arch Daily’s interior design project of the year goes to The Fraunhofer Headquarters based in Porto, Portugal, designed by Pedra Silva Architects. We had discussed this project and its coolness before on twitter, the focus of our attention being on the curved boardroom features and the unique playful graphics that adorn the walls and partitions as well as the quirky but effective lighting features.

The following is a project description provided by Pedra Silva Architects to Arch Daily.

Our team was selected, through an open competition, to design the new Porto headquarters, located at the Technology University Campus: “Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Universidade do Porto (UPTEC)”. Our design took into account Fraunhofer’s innovative philosophy through a message that is simple, but at the same time positive and dynamic. Workplace layout and organizational elements from Fraunofer Office Innovation Center in Stuttgart (Germany) were also an important input to the project, adding another layer to our concept.

The new research facilities occupy two floors in a new UPTEC building in a total of 1660 sqm. Circulation is the project’s backbone; all spaces appear along a distribution route located next to the glass façade. This main axis allows access to all different spaces. These spaces, with different functions and sizes, are generated and consolidated trough a bold gesture: a waving plane that goes through the open floors, creating different spaces and ambience.

And there we have it, the Arch Daily interior design project of the year. To see the other category winners please click here.

Photography Credited to João Morgado