Art, Food And Architecture!

January 29, 2012

It is something we go on about a great deal in the office, on twitter and on site meetings, we simply love industrially rustic design so much that we just can’t shut up about it. We have blogged numerous projects that portray this stripped back but elegant industrial look throughout the last year but we have come across very few projects that sum up industrially rustic interior architecture and design as today’s awesome feature project.

The Wapping Project in East London is a fusion concept that links three of our greatest loves, food, art and architecture. Situated in the old Wapping Hydraulic Power Station (you can’t really get much more industrial than that) it is a project that has turned quite a few heads in our industry. The site as mentioned is more than just a restaurant, located in a stunning old factory that dates back to 1890 the space has been transformed into a spectacular hub of activity for art, food and architecture lovers. If you are not a great fan or either of these then The Wapping Project might just change your mind.

What we love about this design is that it is so stripped back and pure, it is as bare bones and industrial as it gets, the design still holds an authenticity and integrity that cannot be faked. The 100+ year old building has been put on the forefront as the focal point of the design and that is what we really adore and applaud. For us the contemporary furniture for the restaurant mixed with old machines that were actually used during the times of it being a power station creates a wonderful juxtaposition between the contemporary and the ancient, art in itself one could almost say. The format of this project also excites us, even though most of the exhibition space in the basement we figure what better way to appreciate art than by discussing it over a lovely dinner and surrounding yourself in it whilst relaxing. For us though the best piece of art this building will ever see is itself, its own architecture and gorgeous interior design is pure art!