Bakery Design To Make You Go O!

February 18, 2013

Since the turn of the year we have received quite a lot of inquiries about designing small independent boutique style F&B outlets, from small kiosks in food courts to shops to stand alone kiosks in the mall, perhaps it says something about the entrepreneurial spirit of the UAE or it says something about the rental prices, I’m not quite sure which, perhaps it is a mixture of both. No matter what the reason it’s great to see so many new brands coming to the market, the best thing about this is that hopefully it can lead to a new design revolution within the UAE F&B sector.

We often say that small doesn’t necessarily mean boring, not in any way at all, a 500 sq ft concept can be just as creative and sometimes more creative than a 1500 sq ft concept. Today’s feature project is an awesome example of how with a few cool, inspiring and funky design touches a small independent retailer can really stand out and pop from the crowd. Based in Columbia, O-Cake is a cool little bakery concept that sells cupcakes, muffins, cookies and all of our favorite little sweet treats. The designers, Plasma Diseno have done a wicked job in making this little store pop and stand out. The cool ceiling feature, the funky menu and the clever design integration and space planning allow this cute little bakery design to really make an impact. Check out the images below to see what we mean about how this little store really packs a punch.

Bakery Interior Design

Bakery Interior Design2

Bakery Interior Design3

Bakery Interior Design4

Bakery Interior Design5