Banking on Green Design!

As many of you know our passion lies greatly in the area of Green and Sustainable Design. This is something that we are trying so hard to pioneer in the Middle East region. Often our clients ask us, “can you really do green design on a large scale?”, too often many of them think that Green office design in particular is limited to small organisations who can easily keep tracks on their carbon footprint. They feel that a large corporation with many employees would find this difficult. Perhaps they are right, but this comes down to putting a strong environmental policy and guidelines across to the staff and making sure they adhere to them.

Regarding construction and design of projects no project, be it a shop, an office or even a bank is too big to be Green. A prime and wonderful example of this is the Macquarie Bank building in Sydney, designed by the avant-garde, forward thinking architect firm Clive Wilkinson Architects in tandem with Woods Baggot. The project measures 300,000 SQ Ft and comprised of 10 floors and was centred around the Bank’s philosophy of Activity Based Working (ABW)

The building exceeds the highest levels of Green Star or LEED efficiency, benefiting from radical technologies like harbour water cooling, chilled beams and zone controlled lighting. A large percentage of furniture was adapted and re-used from their previous space, but most significantly, ABW working allows a huge saving in resource efficiency, real estate and operating costs.

Superb Photogrpahy by Shannon McGrath if you get a chance please take the time to view her website for some wonderful images

We really like this project because it showcases how Green Design can be a mean design!