Beauty In The Chaos!

February 5, 2017

At Studio EM we are huge advocates for the school of thought that creativity should have no limitations, especially with retail interior design. As retail interior designers we are always so inspired by the work of our peers, especially if they have created an awesome retail design within a limited and challenging space.

Today we came across once such retail design project and it comes from the iconic Selfridges store in London. The concept of the store is not something you would normally associate with progressive and sexy interiors, that being, a store for iPhone cases.

However that is what CHAOS is, a pop up store that sells luxurious iPhone cases that instantly attach to charms and zips, therefore becoming a fashion accessory, something that Studiofibre have captured beautifully in their pop up store design, creating a design that marries fashion with tech seamlessly and more importantly, awesomely!

Check out the images above to see what we mean, how cool is that branding? We especially love the POS unit; it’s just a wicked design!