Beehives & Buzzcuts!

One of the reasons why I love being an interior designer and why I love interior design is that it holds universal appeal, interior design is for all ages and for all different types of customers, the variety that design has to offer is unlike any other industry I have ever dealt with. We deal in a wide range of projects at Studio EM and this constant diversity amongst projects is what gets me out of the bed in the mornings, that and my two noisy cats.

Take today’s project as an example, it is both unique for its target audience and it also has the bonus of being right up my street in terms of the style and use of color in the interior design. Beehives and Buzzcuts is a very cool hair salon / retail / event space concept aimed at children under 10 years of age, designed by Andrea Mason Architects this space is all about catering for children and giving them their own space away from their parents. I just love this playful design as every element has the main target customer in mind.

Funky design elements that I like start with the cool feature tree at the entrance of the store, this awesome centerpiece that inspires interaction coupled with the colorful wall units instantly grabs the attention of any child who sets foot in the store and thus sets their mind at ease and makes getting their haircut and pleasant and enjoyable experience. This is the key word, experience, everything about the design from the custom chairs to the graphic wall features to the tv’s and the playful color palette is geared towards creating an experience, which is great for the children as we all know how laborious it can sometimes be for young children to get their hair cut.