Boiling Over With Inspiring Design!

Last week we featured an article about the new movement in hair salon design culture, we referred to this as the designer salon trend and as we suggested last week, this trend shows no signs of dying down, in fact quite the opposite, the designs are getting more creative and more challenging. Today’s feature project is a double whammy as far as inspiring design goes, for one it is another designer salon and two it has industrial chic / rustic touch to it that make us just drool at the very sight of some of the design elements.

The Boiler House in Newcastle, England was designed by Collective Design and it is a project that marries the industrial with the chic perfectly. The 3 story salon is the epitome of the modern day designer salon. Favorite elements for us include the use of reclaimed materials for the interior finish, especially some of the more decorative pieces; if it’s sustainable and looks awesome it more often than not will end up on this blog. I love the eclectic furniture pieces such as those chairs and the striking industrial wall finishing with the exposed brick, the disgruntled and tired old but beautiful staircase and the decaying roof finish, these elements really do allow this space to live up to its name and the brand.

However it is the decorative elements that give this project its real charm, elements such as the cast iron portable boiler, the old fashioned water bucket for washing your hair, the random writing bureau and the stunning light fixtures and the stained wall murals that adorn the exposed brick.  This really is a one of a kind project, check out the images below to see how why this designer salon has got out tongues wagging with delight.

Images Courtesy of Boilerhouse