Boutique Retail Design To Make You Swoon!

December 10, 2012

This week at Studio EM we are all about the Boutique fashion store, as we prepare for our client in Abu Dhabi we have been going through boutique stores around the world in search of what makes great boutiques work and what makes them great. Our research has taken us from small independent retailers to industry giants who constantly produce amazingly conceptual boutique stores.

One such giant is Mulberry, Mulberry have created some fantastic boutique stores that just make me drool, there new store in San Francisco is another stunning example of how a boutique store should be designed. The designers behind this project, Universal Design Studio, have created a gorgeous space that is all about showcasing the delightful Mulberry products in their finest light and what immediately impressed me about this project is the space planning, although on the face of it the store looks like a large area over three floors the boutique feel is felt through the use of this space. Clutter has given way to poise, grace and elegance, the layout and feel of the store is all about the space planning.

I adore the sophisticated and chic visual merchandising displays in this store, they are so cleverly detailed, from the handbag wall units that create a focal point to the cabinet that holds the clutch bags to the oversized shoe stands that put the shoes on a pedestal, all of these VM elements are beautifully feminine and elegant and tied together perfectly with the gold trim that follows throughout the entire store. As far as boutique stores go and retail stores in general, I have to say that this is one of my most favorite that I have seen in recent times, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.