Brand Extension On Full Display!

“Brand extension”, this is a phrase we often use when discussing projects with clients. The interior of an outlet must be designed in such a way that the physical appearance of it is an extension of the brand. If the design correlates in no way to the brand or the identity the synergy is completely shot. A great retail example of brand extension through interiors is the Timberland store in Westfield London.

The store was designed by London based Graphic and Interior Design Firm Checkland Kindleysides. From the images below one can see how the store design reflects the brands values, ideology and environment. Timberland pride themselves on making products that take the environment into consideration so why shouldn’t their store design reflect the same message? The wood used in this store, as can be seen on the last image came from “sustainable sources and well managed forests independently certified in accordance with the rules of the forest stewardship council. Many items have been reclaimed and recycled from UK salvage yards.”

The following is an excerpt taken from Ales Kernjak, Head of Store Design and Visual Marketing:

“Taking cues from the Timberland logo and the dynamic tree-like roof supports which form the architecture of the centre; we created a lattice of reclaimed timber branches that stretch the full 25m length of the side elevation, the 11m storefront and the 8.5m height of the store, wrapping the store in the brand’s iconic logo. The façade creates such a strong brand statement that the fret cut steel signage merely acts as endorsement that this is Timberland. This store provides a perfect example of what we stand for as a brand. It reflects our heritage in craftsmanship, our relationship to the outdoors, as well as our environmental values in action”