Brightening Up Any Horizon!

January 25, 2012

It’s fair to say that the weather has been a bit miserable over the past few days in Dubai, one way we thought we could get over the grey skies is with an explosion of color. That is exactly what you get with today’s project, and you get it in the bucketfuls.  We have tweeted about today’s project a few times on our twitter stream, now it’s time that we induct it into our blog of interior design awesomeness.

The Pantone Hotel as the name would suggest is based on the Pantone Machine System, something that all designers could not live without. Designed by Architect Olivier Hannaert and interior designer Michel Penneman the Brussels based hotel is not your average hotel design and by that I mean your run of the mill one night stop over mini hotel. The Pantone Hotel is a vibrant, fun and captivation project that instantly grabs attention through the bold choice of themes for the interior architecture and design. Whilst one would expect a vicious assault on the senses through drowning amounts of color this is not the case, the beauty of this project is that it has remained bold and beautiful whilst retaining a sense of reserved subtlety. There is method, control and great skill in the execution in the interior design something that Michel Penneman should be applauded for as the temptation would have been to go for the shock and awe factor by drenching the interiors in pantone effects.

For us we love the subtlety, there is just enough color in each of the communal areas and the rooms to instantly make you feel brighter and warmer, especially in grey days such as today. For us though the real genius in this project is the control and the skill of that control, this project could have treaded a fine line between great interior design and clichéd design, thankfully it falls on the former. Check out the stunning images below, a personal favorite being the awesome hotel façade by Oliver Hannaert and the quirky reception area that automatically makes you smile, or rather I imagine it would if we had arrived after a long flight from Dubai.

Pictures courtesy of Pantone Hotel