Bringing The Dodo Back From Extinction!

December 5, 2011

We are no strangers to great interior design coming out of Florence Italy, one of our first ever blog posts came from the Italian city when we featured the Replay Project by Vertical Garden Design.  Today’s feature project also heralds from the stunning city that is starting to make waves as a strong contender to be the next interior design capital of Europe.

Like many of the projects we feature Dodo Boutique immediately jumped out at us because of its vibrancy and its difference to likeminded stores, all too often when we think of jewelry stores we think of box shaped stores with a high concentration of white on both the structural design facades and the furniture design, or monotone gold’s, silver’s and black as well as polished wooden units and glass encasings that showcase the jewelry.  With Dodo Boutique, none of the usual design suspects are found; designer Paola Navone has created a completely original space that takes its inspiration from the extinct Dodo.

The bohemian blend of browns, greens and blues coupled with the rustic stone and wood display cases give this design a great charm and personality that many jewelry stores lack, the subtle nod to prehistoric time (where the Dodo heralded from) can be felt in every aspect of the store, from the carved wall design features to mud house effect of the walls to the use of the wooden display units and POS areas that a representative of the forest or trees that the Dodo would have resided near. The real winner with this design has to be the lighting design,  it would be very difficult to pull off a design such as this without great lighting, jewellery needs the best lighting possible to show it off and in this project the ceiling and wall features could have looked incredibly pedestrian had a poor lighting design been implemented.

Have a look at the images below, is this a concept you applaud? Or are you more of a traditionalist when it comes to jewellery store design, whichever the case get in touch in the comments section below and let us know.

On a side note we also had a great deal of fun playing around on the Dodo website, it is a great site that is a lot of fun and has lots of pictures of their other stores that are equally as impressive and designed by Paola Navone, we will be keeping an eye out for the brand in the UAE as it is such a fantastically funky and inspiring brand.