Bringing The Streets Of Mexico To Sydney!

October 12, 2013

Without a doubt one of my favorite cuisines is Mexican, I absolutely love the simplicity of Mexican food and how it can be dressed up to be a high end cuisine or dressed down and served nice and dirty as a street food concept. So when a new Mexican restaurant comes onto the design blogs of the world, you know I am going to have to check it out and if I love it then you know there is a high chance it is going to end up on here as a source for inspiration.

Méjico is a new restaurant and bar based in Sydney, Australia and as the opening of this post would suggest it is a Mexican restaurant that I like a lot. The restaurant has a real street vibe about it, something the designers, Juicy Design purposely set out to achieve:

The planning of the restaurant brings food to the street, with guacamole, limes, chili’s and roasted corn as the centerpiece. This wraps into a bar to cater for early diners and those who just want to come for the tequila! The restaurant then sweeps down, mixing communal settings with more traditional banquette seating, anchored with an open kitchen at the rear.

I love the rustic design with its earthy charm and the clever detailing that has gone into some of the furniture pieces, such as the cinder block base for the communal table as well as the usual suspects I have come to adore such as the exposed brickwork on the walls, the concrete flooring and the exposed ceiling, all elements that combine perfectly to give Méjico a vibrant street feel, a really awesome job done by the designers. 

Mejico Restaurant Interior Design, Sydney

Mejico Restaurant Interior Design, Sydney2

Mejico Restaurant Interior Design, Sydney3

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