Bun’s on Seats

July 3, 2011

Bobby’s Burger Palace!

Fast food restaurants or burger bars have a somewhat stereotypical reputation in the design world as being monotone designed walls filled with tables dressed in the traditional red and white chequer table cloths a la the famed chicken restaurants from the 70’s and 80’s. Yet many restaurateurs are now realising that this industry should not be any different from the high end restaurant industry and nor should it neglect or negate the importance of design and atmosphere.

There is no better pioneer of this new movement than the world famous Bobby Flay. Flay opened Bobby’s Burger Palace in July 2008 in New York as homage to memories of hamburger shops from when he was a child. Unlike these shops this burger joint is one which pays attention to every detail, from the eye catching graphics at the entrance to the custom designed suspended light feature that leads throughout the restaurant to the various peep hatches scattered throughout the palace to allow the customers to see into the kitchen.

This Project was designed by perennial favourites at Studio EM, the Rockwell Group.