By Gum That’s An Awesome Salon!

I don’t know what it is or why but we have had a speight of inquiries in the last few months from clients wanting us to design their new hair and makeup salons. Perhaps it is just down to the new trend of designer salons that have been popping up all over the world. The designer salon is the new “in thing” in commercial interior design and we love it as it has given birth to wicked feature projects such as today’s.

Gum Salon is based in Milan, Italy and is a perfect example of the new designer salon, unfortunately we don’t know who designed the salon as no matter where our research took us we couldn’t find any credits, so if you are the awesome designer behind this project please get in touch and we will give you all the due credit you deserve. What I love about this salon is its dark moodiness, but best of all how this dark moodiness casts a sense of chic style in the salon.

Favorite elements for me are the beautiful vintage inspired pieces such as the old fashioned cash register, the scruffy old radio and the grooming tools, this mixed with the surroundings of the exposed black brick, the black ceiling and the suspended lights give this space a very sinister look akin to the Sweeney Todd movie but this is why I really dig this project, because it has made a statement with its difference, it is not a light and fluffy polished space that screams vanity, no this is a design with a whole lot of character and a whole lot to love about it. Check out the images below and see how the branding of Gum Salon has added an extra dimension to the design.