Cafe Interior Design Pressed To Perfection!

September 10, 2015

As the long hot summer is drawing to a close in Dubai we have all been on a bit of a health kick in the office, we even have a fruit bowl now, I know it’s not exactly earth shattering in terms of being a step forward but hey, it’s a start. With this new found love for a healthy lifestyle we thought that there would be no better feature project for today than this awesome cafe interior design project in Canada.

The Cold Pressery is based in Mississauga and aside from being an incredibly beautiful design it’s also a example of a new trend of organic raw pressed eatery’s that are opening all over the world, including a new one that we are designing in Dubai’s D3 Design District.

Designed by 1POINT0 the space is a beautiful blend of exposed, raw and unpolished materials that marry together to create a rather stylish yet warm space. Quite apt given the offerings that the café serves. I absolutely love the main service counter, especially when paired against the subway tile wall backdrop and you all know I’m a sucker for a blackboard feature wall, the different blends of wood used, complimented by the chic industrial lighting elements give this space real texture and for us it’s simply just an awesome well delivered café that has us drooling, enjoy 🙂


The Cold Pressery Designed by 1POINT02 The Cold Pressery Designed by 1POINT0 The Cold Pressery Designed by 1POINT0 4 The Cold Pressery Designed by 1POINT0 3