Can I Have Some Humour With My Salad Please?

September 18, 2011

Interior Design with a sense of humor inevitably leads to vastly more creative concepts than those hindered by rigid obstructions such as company policy, governmental regulations and landlord constraints. A worry with taking a concept and giving it a humorous edge can be that it can lack credibility or alienate customers.

A project that gets the balance right by creating a fresh concept with a funny side that pokes a stick at other concepts in its field is The Salad Shop in Singapore by Asylum. Asylum have taken a concept and spun it on its big bunny ears by playing with the idea that salad is traditionally rabbit food, with this in mind they have created a design that satirises this notion.

From the images below you will see how the store translates the company mantra of “Salad For Everybody” with the clever use of the slogan “For herbivores, carnivores and everything else in-between”. We love the sense of fun that this design brings through every element from the exterior signage to the quirky shop front to the bunnies at the entrance right down to the customized stools.

It is great to see a salad bar design that doesn’t constitute of large spattering’s of green leaves, or the tired nutritionist slogans that are plastered on the walls to give customers that sense of affirmation that they are doing the right thing by eating there.

If you are also a fan of web design you really should check out The Salad Shop website, very clever!