Captivating The Great Outdoors Through Awesome Interior Design!

July 8, 2013

With the summer temperatures in Dubai now blazing out of control and reaching inferno state it’s pretty much guaranteed I will be staying indoors at every opportunity I get, saying that I will miss the outdoors and the light airy feeling being outdoors gives you along with the smells of grass, trees and flowers. With that in mind I always love seeing interior design projects bring the outdoors to the indoors through their concepts, it is a guaranteed way of creating a bright, airy and relaxed atmosphere.

One such project that does this brilliantly is the Superette Café based in Cape Town, South Africa. Superettte Café was born from the minds of entrepreneurs Justin Rhodes and Cameron Munro and their creation has a wonderful balance of the traditional indoor daytime café and the soft appeals of the outdoors. This has been achieved through some clever design touches such as incorporating the exposed brick on the walls, using a gorgeous pale wood counter along with  an array of flowers and hanging vines, all very outdoorsy.

Once you team this with the beautiful accents such as the incorporating of the yellow furniture, you can’t help but feel the presence of a bright sun, the light furniture and the subtle yellow accents tie the indoors and outdoors feeling together perfectly, all in all it is a superbly clever and appealing design, check out the images below and see how this space creates a bright, vibrant interior design whilst also incorporating a real outdoors earthy feel, simply awesome!

Superette Cafe Interior Design, Cape Town

Superette Cafe Interior Design, Cape Town2

Superette Cafe Interior Design, Cape Town3

Superette Cafe Interior Design, Cape Town4

Superette Cafe Interior Design, Cape Town5

Superette Cafe Interior Design, Cape Town6