Celebrating The Great British Outdoors!

August 8, 2012

I am always a fan of projects that take nature and the outside world and bring it into the interior design of a project, this “outside in” approach is usually a winner as it is a fresh approach that is not seen regularly in the malls or high streets. The new Fred Perry store in London is another fine example of an interior design that has made an impact by using nature as the main design feature.  Designed by Studio XAG the store is all about celebrating the Great British Outdoors.

Favorite elements for us include the manhole covers on the floor, this is such a clever detail that could easily have been overlooked and it is simple details like this that take a store to the next level. I like the old fashioned info signs that are made to look rather vintage and reflective of something you would expect to see on your Sunday walks through many of the forests and parks in the UK. Of course there are more obvious elements, but what is the fun in pointing out the obvious? The visual merchandising displays are very cool and remind me a lot of a farmer’s fence around a field in the countryside. This is such a funky store and it is simply done which is one of its great strengths as it can be adapted and morphed quite easily which is quite good given the seasonal weather of the UK, the VM possibilities for the seasons are endless.