Charming With A Capital C!

January 12, 2012

This week we have found ourselves swamped whilst working on a new café concept for a client; the majority of this week has been spent sourcing an eclectic mix of furniture that we hope will really lift up our concept. With that in mind we thought what better way of ending the week than with our Thursday fun project, once again this week we have decided to go with a café concept that tickled our design bones.

Capital Kitchen located in Melbourne Australia is a quaint café design that we find very charming and inviting. The project retains a rustic look that is embodied by the walls and ceilings as well as some of the lighting fixtures but the charm is a result of the mixture of furniture and the finishes. There is no on way to describe the genre or theme of this café it is just a great piece of design from Australian firm Mim Design. Check out the images below, what are your favorite elements or what is it about this project that makes you smile? For me I just adore some of the less obvious elements, the milk bottles on the wall and the gorgeous country shelves as well as some of the old fashioned wooden tables are all elements that make me smile and who could forget the tongue in cheek antler feature wall.

A great project to lead into the weekend with.