Check Out What’s On At The Beeb!

It’s one of the things that cracks us up in the office, it is quite funny really but as Dubai is a multicultural country sometimes things tend to get lost in translation. Just yesterday our resident Irish BDD Kristian was pitching a concept to one of our retail clients and as often the case the further he got in to the pitch the thicker his accent became, I knew our client was struggling with it because he had the same confused look I have when Kristian says something to me in the same lightening quick way. What made me laugh the most though was when our client stopped him midsentence and said, “sorry but could you please speak BBC for me? You know, like the newsreaders” this cracked me up, however now after I have come across today’s feature project I am half expecting some of our office clients to ask me to design BBC for them.

The new BBC North Headquarters based in Manchester is ridiculously cool especially given that the BBC always had a stiff upper lip stigma attached to them. The building which was designed by ID:SR and serves as a Northern base for The Beeb which will allow them to connect with their audiences better and to provide new opportunities and jobs in the area. The design is awesome, hence ending up on our blog. The idea behind the space is that it offers staff a flexible and creative workspace to allow creative flow but without taking up loads and loads of space. I love the creative communal element that this project has thanks to all of the funky breakout spaces such as the 4 seater pods and the large brainstorming tables. What I really love most about the space is that the BBC are notoriously a very corporate firm but this design seeks to relax this image somewhat through the use of the bright, vibrant and funky colors but the real skill by the designers is that this influx of color works brilliantly with the space as it s funky and bright but also quite sophisticated, there is a real sense of balance and that is incredibly difficult to achieve. Check out the awesome images below that are credited to Will Pryce and see why this inspiring design is creating waves in the UK.