Chocorific Interior Design!

August 5, 2013

There are few better things in life that great design and chocolate, so when you put them together you know you’re going to have an awesome, delicious, mouthwatering concept. That is exactly what you get with today’s feature project. The latest addition to the 100% Chocolate Cafe franchise is based at the Sky tree Solamachi in Tokyo and was designed by Studio EM favourites Wonderwall.

This new store has a lot of similarities (as one would expect with a chain) with the previous store in Tokyo. Like that store I love the moorish use of the chocolate blocks on the ceiling as well as the delicious use of chocolate innuendo on the furniture but what I love most is how this project retain a chic and classy element to it. The chocolate theme hasn’t become overindulgent or trite, when paired against the lush marble counters, the stunning glass display cabinets and the subtle light fittings it really blends perfectly into the space. This project has a real balance between funk, quirky design and polished sophisticated design and I for one absolutely love it…… even though staring at these pictures has made me salivate.

Check out the images below and be advised that licking your screen at your office may make one or two of your colleagues question your sanity.

Chocolate Store Interior Design

Chocolate Store Interior Design2

Chocolate Store Interior Design3

Chocolate Store Interior Design4

Chocolate Store Interior Design5

Chocolate Store Interior Design7

Chocolate Store Interior Design8

Chocolate Store Interior Design9

Chocolate Store Interior Design10

Chocolate Store Interior Design11

Chocolate Store Interior Design12