Choose Your Topping, 5 Cool Frozen Yoghurt Store Designs!

October 17, 2011

Inside every mall, on every street, in every newspaper or magazine or on our social media channels there are constant reminders or evidences that we as a society are starting to take our health and diet a little more seriously and pay more attention to what we eat. Whilst this opening to this post would suggest we are going to cover a salad bar or a riveting new health shop concept, we are not. We have decided to go down a less conventional route to highlight this trend in society.

When we think healthy eating we almost certainly have to discount desserts of any kind, however a healthier alternative to our much loved ice cream parlour has slowly been cropping up on most major high streets and inside many of the top malls over the last 5 years or so. The alternative we allude to is the “Frozen Yoghurt” phenomenon that seems to be sweeping society. Just the other day we opted for a Pinkberry over a Baskin Robins at Mall of the Emirates as we convinced ourselves it was a delicious guilt free alternative to our usual craving.

With this new trend comes a fresh approach to store design, the joys of the frozen yoghurt store, much like an ice cream parlour is that it is automatically associated with being fun, colourful and joyful. With that in mind today we decided to look at five of our favourite frozen yoghurt store designs.

Olo Yogurt Studio, Albuquerque

The Olo Yogurt Studio was designed by Baker Architecture+Design. What appeals to us most about this design is that it is an example where a small budget can be put to very good use; the whole concept is “self-serve” cleverly intimated by the colourful design flow feature on the roof. The design is so clean the focal point is very much on the yogurt.  All of the Photography on this project is By Richard Nunez

Flavaboom, New York

This Manhattan based frozen yoghurt store was designed by Dune. This design is a lot more futuristic than the above project but our enjoyment of this design comes from its incorporation of the brand identity within the design.  We love the “floating” cantilever seating nooks as well as the LED lit yoghurt wall, once more drawing your attention in the inside and on the outside to the main attraction, the yoghurt.

Twisted Frozen Yoghurt, Bondi Beach

Twisted is a design that is on the complete opposite end of the scale to Flavaboom, Morris Selvatico have created a bold and captivating space with this Bondi Beach project. This design is all about nostalgia and bringing us back to our childhood with playful colours and furniture, this is a design that really belongs next to the beach and instantly demands attention from any passers-by.  Design enthusiasts should also check out the Twisted website, it is tres cool!


Efa’s Frozen Yogurt, Berlin

We have included the Efa’s Frozen Yogurt store in Berlin for its difference. Unlike the vibrant and colourful projects aforementioned this is a design that is very much more classical European. The design by ZWEIDREI is a great deal more subtle than the other but in its own way it is no less brilliant. Essentially the store is a large box cut into two and installed into the space thus creating obtuse and original angles, this is further highlighted by the disproportionate furniture. This is a design that has a gorgeous form rather than loud colourful design features.

Yoli Frozen Yogurt Shop, Berlin

This store design is all about the personification of the product, Yoli Frozen Yogurt was designed by design collective Amseldrossel . The clean white interior is representative of the sumptuous creamy yoghurt with random splashing’s and dollops of colour representing the toppings. This is a perfect example of where with a touch of abstract thinking and creativity designers can create simple yet visually stunning spaces.

Now after all of that I am rather hungry!