Cine Chic?

August 2, 2011

By now you will have come to realise how much we love our Cinema Design at Studio EM. As cinema design and retail design are our main specialities and are what we are known for we are constantly scouring the Web 2.0 for latest trends, inspiration, unique concepts and generally anything industry related that is just cool!

As we trawled this morning taking a break from our own projects we came across this unique project, The Multikino Cinema in Poland, designed by Polish designer Robert Majkut.

The project is inclusive of 7 Cinemas, the Velvet Bar, (Pictured) which is a VIP zone that can act as its own independent venue for events and musical performances and the 35 mm which is a music club complete with DJ Booth, bar and restaurant.

Here are some snapshots of the project.

So what do you think of this project? Cine Chic or a garish overindulgence?