Cinema Design That Is The Main Attraction!

June 4, 2013

Wosers it has almost been a week since we last featured a project, we have been swamped with submissions, approvals, site meetings and proposals over the last week, that is how you know Ramadan is coming up, since it has been nearly a week we knew that today’s feature project had to really be a super awesome one and that is exactly what we have got.

At Studio EM we made our names as Cinema Interior Designers initially and whenever a wicked cinema project comes up around the world it inevitably finds itself a place on this blog. The Insun Lotte Cinema is one such project; based in Tianjin, China the project is a little piece of cinema design awesomeness that really aims to appeal to children and the child in all of us.

Designed by Ajax Law and Virgina Lung of One Plus Partnership the space is a vibrant, colourful and soothing for its inhabitants. We absolutely adore the playful animal racetrack that this design is built around; along the racetrack you can see Rhino’s, Camels, Dinosaurs, Giraffes and many more exotic animals such as our favourite, the cheeky monkeys.  I love the colour palette and I’m especially a fan of the actual theatre interiors and how they carry on the colourful and fun theme but how it also avoids being over the top.

There is so much that is wonderful about this project and so much that is transferable into other kids projects such as hospitals or dentists and in general it just makes me smile a lot and makes me fool good when I look at and that for me is how I know this project is a real winner. Check out the wonderful images below credited to Ajax Law Ling Kit to see if this project makes you smile too.

The Insun Lotte Cinema Interior Design

The Insun Lotte Cinema Interior Design2

The Insun Lotte Cinema Interior Design3

The Insun Lotte Cinema Interior Design4

The Insun Lotte Cinema Interior Design6

Cinema Interior Design

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We first came across this project on the wonderful Frame Magazine Website