Coffee + Art + Difference = Great Interior Design!

February 8, 2012

Coffee shops, art and great interior design with a difference are three of my biggest passions, and three passions that are encapsulated beautifully in today’s blog feature. The Toykio Gallery and Coffee project in Dusseldorf Germany is an example where these three things come together effortlessly under one roof.

Toykio previously wowed the world with online and pop up concepts but have now turned their extreme talents to a more a permanent physical presence with their new space in the Japanese district of Dusseldorf. The coffee shop hosts and eclectic mix of art from what can be described as the who’s who of the art world including Studio EM favorite, Banksy. Aside though from the art on display this concept is a piece of art itself, the interior design which I assume was created by Toykio (so far I have been unable to find evidence to the contrary) has an inspiring mix of retro, vintage and contemporary furniture, bold and moody color pallets adorn the walls and this is all capped off by some delightful lighting fixtures that really put the art into the spotlight.

This is, put simply, an awesome piece of design that we really like, it ticks all of our boxes and we hope that this is the first of many, but as with all great interior design project we also hope this particular store is a one off and if more were to follow we expect Toykio to wow us all over again with another breathtaking concept. Check out the images below, look closely at those epic sized do-nuts, not only do they look yummy but even they have their own playful and artistic identity.

Photography Credited to Nicola Roman Walbeck