Complimenting Store Design Through Visual Merchandising!

October 21, 2011

The greatest compliment excepting the product and wonderful staff to a store design has got to be the Visual Merchandising. The Visual Merchandising has the potential to accentuate and lift a store design to greater heights, it can create a buzz or help to drive customers through the door, metaphorically speaking we see the Visual Merchandising as being the classical maître d or hostess, there to welcome you, entice you and lead you into the main area, the shop floor, where hopefully the effects of our designs will be seen and felt.

So in homage to Visual Merchandisers out there and to those that appreciate every aspect of retail design we thought we would share some of our recent favourite examples of excellent Visual Merchandising.

Harvey Nichols, London

Check out this awesome example of seasonal merchandising for the upcoming Halloween season

Harvey Nichols, Jakarta

Louis Vuitton, Milan

These are some snaps of the recent store opening in Milan, great indoor visual merchandising.

Louis Vuitton, New York

Louis Vuitton, Bond Street

 Louis Vuitton, Zurich


Replay, Barcelona


Christian Dior, New York

We love how Dior used their refurbishments as an opportunity to do something creative with their store front rather than just another hoarding.

Printemps, Paris

*Warning* those feeling slightly hungry may want to look away now.

More from Printemps

 Barneys, New York


Hudson Bay Company, Toronto

This display is really up there as one of our favourites, created by Mannequin Display, this VM campaign was for the back to school collection. Very clever indeed.

Photography credited to James Doirion