Cool Down With A Few Scoops Of Nostalgic Design!

October 2, 2011

Today we decided to funk it up a bit with our feature project. With soaring temperatures kicking off October in the UK and temperatures continuing to be in the early 40’s in Dubai we thought that we should chill things down a bit.

What better way is there to cool down than with a good old fashioned Ice Cream? Or a “poke” as my father in law would say.  There is nothing old fashioned about today’s feature, it is fresh, funky and a whole lot of fun. Today’s project is the Possi Ice Cream parlour designed by Italian designer Antonio Gardoni.

The Brescia based Possi project is an explosion of nostalgia and vibrancy from the retro counter façade to the quirky (in its simplicity) seating design and the rather funky light fittings. Gardoni has created a project that recants childhood nostalgia that I am sure is as relative to patrons on the Riviera as it is on Brighton Pier or anywhere else in the world that you may have had a sumptuous ice cream whilst basking in the sun and dipping your toes into the water.

What impresses us most about this project is that the designer has gone away from the typically psychedelic and “tacky-licious” design that we have become so accustomed to when viewing ice cream parlours and projects the like, we love how there is not one single neon lighting feature to be seen anywhere.

Here is a description of the project take from Antonio Gardoni’s website:

The idea behind the new Possi ice-cream parlour was to rethink the 50’s and 60’s spirit, shapes and language typical of “Riviera” holiday: pastel colours, geometrical patterns, natural and plastic materials, navy moods, etc.

Antonio Gardoni’s idea was to refresh a past world without being literal but playing more with a mood that resembles past childhood’s memories in a contemporary updated way.

References related to the product itself have been used as well like the wood stick to hold ice-lollies becoming the wood planks covering the walls or the ice-cream wafer geometries turning them into three-dimensional patterns…

…The palette of colours (white – blue, beige – brown –light blue, green – red – blue) and the endless variations about the stripe’s theme (references to the navy t-shirts, fences, benches,…) are together creating a vibrant environment full of memory’s references without being too literal.

A childish touch softens the adults and makes the youngest to feel comfortable; the “Riviera” effect is achieved without nostalgic stumbles but in a happy, optimistic way.

Have a look at the images below and let us know if your nostalgic bones start tingling.