Could This Be The Cubicle Of The Future?

November 12, 2012

This week we have spent a lot of time working on our sports center project, particularly in the offices section of the project, as such we have spent a lot of time with office furniture suppliers and one thing that keeps coming back to me is how naff cubicles are. I detest using cubicles in office projects but sometimes they are a necessary evil, unfortunately so. Perhaps my dislike for them is because I imagine being confined in them as an employee and the thought doesn’t exactly fill me with joy.

However when I saw what the Bouroullec Brothers have designed for Vitra for the Orgatec Office Furniture Fair in Cologne I perked up as their designs are wicked and could hopefully be the cubicle of the future. The Workbays are personalized workstations that minimize the use of space but still provide a pleasing aesthetic for office interiors, as explained below by Vitra:

Up until recently, individual work was performed at one’s desk and meetings were held in conference rooms. Today, offices are places of constant communication. People retreat to alternative environments to perform silent, concentrated work and to hold meetings. In order to productively structure this new way of working, various different work situations need to be interlinked.

With Workbays, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have developed an organisational cycle that redefines the working environment and breaks with the typical rigid planning structure of offices. But Workbays are more than just multifunctional furniture systems. They are systems that offer employees the freedom to select the work environment that suits their respective current tasks.

Workbays feature sound damping elements and thus help to absorb any distracting noise in the areas surrounding the individual rooms. They can spontaneously be used as telephone booths, as video conference rooms, as reading corners, as coffee corners or as meeting rooms – without having to banish participants to a closed room.

Workbays are suitable for a wide range of different rooms. The system can be extended and adjusted as necessary and thus grows organically. The concept is based on wall elements in two different heights.

These Workbays may not be to everyone’s taste but I think that they are super awesome and a wonderful alternative to the traditional cubicles and I can’t wait to see them more readily available for projects such as ours.

Images Credited to Vitra