Credit Where Credit Is Due!

We love any design that takes a traditional concept and turns it on its head, by modernizing it or just giving it a total over hall, this is something we try to practice in our design concepts. Doing this can lead to fantastic results such as today’s project but we do find that the best transformations are found in the less conventional projects such as restaurants and retail outlets. A financial institution on the other hand is the perfect platform to take something bland and inane and create something intriguing and captivating.

Sydney based design firm Design Clarity have done exactly this with their new design concept for the People’s Choice Credit Union in Victor Harbor, South Australia. My experiences with credit union’s have been limited, growing up in Dubai it was not something you would see anywhere but when we discussed this design in our office the general opinion was the Credit Unions were flat and insipid financial houses that didn’t differ that much from a building society or a small town bank, to see something so vibrant and attractive as this design is a welcomed break from that general assertion.

What Design Clarity have done brilliantly with this space is that they have retained the principals and integrity of the People’s Choice Credit Union within their design through some quirky and catchy slogans that are highlighted on the walls, slogans such as “For People, Not For Profit” and “Run By Members, Not By Numbers”. The beauty of this is that a revolutionary design such as this may at times make some steadfast supporters of the Union feel uncomfortable, but these catchy slogans remind them that it is still the same place with the same principals, just now with an awesome makeover, I like to think of this as “yesterdays principals with today’s design” or something like that.

Elements that we enjoy from the design and the designers are first of all the vibrancy and color, followed by some of the more subtle touches such as the aforementioned slogans and the relaxed nature of the design. The  soft furnishings and meeting booths are much more welcomed than the old fashioned dark grey flooring and wooden chairs of yesterdays Credit Unions, the great thing for us is that here is a Credit Union or a financial institution with no gaudiness or polished wood in site. Design Clarity have also added a few fun elements to the design, as mentioned already the furniture but also the cool coffee machine and some fantastic and attractive lighting fixtures.

This is a really awesome design by Design Clarity and one that will hopefully set a new trend in financial institutions, perhaps sooner than later as this concept will now be rolled out across 70 other stores.

Photography Credited to Design Clarity & Remco Jansen