Cupcakes Without The Cup Or The Cake!

January 19, 2012

It’s that time of the week again, the last official working day before the weekend, which on this blog usually only means one thing, time for the Thursday fun project. Today’s feature project is all about Cupcakes, but not the cupcakes that you are thinking of.  There is no icing or soft yellow sponge to be found in todays feature, but that doesn’t make the store design any less awesome.

Johnny Earle, the founder and owner of Johnny Cupcakes is a T-shirt designer and manufacturer based in America, he has created an awesome clothing brand bizarrely but awesomely known as Johnny Cupcakes. Needless to say he created quite a stir when he opens a new store as many people are instantly taken aback when they can’t smell the soft cupcake mixture or the sweet icing or the aroma of coffee when they enter the store, why? Because there are no cupcakes, only apparel and other merchandise that is part of the Johnny Cupcakes brand are for sale.

The stores are even more convincing and new customers are probably even more frustrated as the stores look a lot like bakeries. The visual merchandising and design of the latest Johnny Cupcakes store in Melrose, Los Angeles is quite something, T’s are stocked in faux ovens and freezers, the store design is as convincing as being a real cupcake store than anything we have seen in Dubai, this is just a super fun project that really turns traditional retail design on its head and although many get annoyed or hate the fact that Johnny Cupcakes don’t sell cupcakes we have to applaud the bold branding and this awesome retail concept.

Photography Credited to Johnny Cupcakes.