Customised Design Candy!

May 5, 2014

Last month when we were in Tokyo we came across some seriously awesome designs that really helped to inspire us to bring back some ideas to our Studio in Dubai. Today we are working on our new store designs for Candylicious so we thought we would look back to Japan for some inspiration for our project.

During that search we came across this wicked candy store from Papabubble, designed by Yusuke Seki. This store is such a cool candy store and I love how it has set itself apart from the more traditional super colorful stores by having a much more neutral and moodier interior. As with most of the stand out stores we saw in Japan, the beauty in this store is in the finishing and finer details.  To some, this store may appear to be very simple, I can assure you that design is anything but, however one thing we will say and that is that this store in simply stunning!

Images Credited to Takumi Ota

Candy store Interior Designer

Candy store Interior Designer2

Candy store Interior Designer3

Candy store Interior Designer4

Candy store Interior Designer6

Candy store Interior Designer7

Candy store Interior Designer8

Candy store Interior Designer9

Candy store Interior Designer10

Candy store Interior Designer11