Dear Starbucks We Are Sorry, You Rock!

February 23, 2012

In the last few months Starbucks have really started to cause me to gain a great deal of weight, not because I have been munching on too many marble slab cakes or sipping too many full fat lattes but because I have been digesting a large amount of humble pie. You see Starbucks were usually my go to guys when it came to finding an example of copy and paste designs that drove me mad. I harped on about how such a massive and worldwide chain like Starbucks or (insert any other large franchise model) had no excuse to not have a flagship design for each major city instead of the same same but different designs they currently have.

Well Starbucks, you have proved me wrong and I take it all back and I humbly apologise. I was going to say sorry a few months ago when Starbucks opened the new concept on 15th Avenue in Seattle but I refrained as I was worried it was a one off design, then last month when we covered the Starbucks drive thru container project I was ready to drop to my knees and ask for forgiveness but I held off once more, now I offer the fullest of apologies. Why you may ask, it is all rather simple and it has everything to do with Starbucks latest store opening in Tokyo. Designed by Kengo Kuma this has to be one of the most iconic and different Starbucks stores I have seen to date, but in addition to that it is also one of the most sustainable and eco friendly stores as this store can be taken down, stripped, recycled and built again somewhere else. A wicked concept store, just check out the images below to see what has turned me into a Starbucks Convert and why Starbucks no longer fit into our copy & paste design category.

Images Credited to Kengo Kuma