Decayed Luxury!

February 2, 2014

One of the coolest brands in retail at this present time would have to be Aesop, so many of their stores from across the world have featured on this blog and quite rightly too. The brand always has a distinctive style, look and feel yet so many of their stores are so dramatically different to the previous, the one thing they all have in common? They are all equally as awesome as each other.

Their latest store in Kyoto is no difference to this trend, designed by Torafu Architects this small retail space is the epitome of decayed luxury. As a skin care brand Aesop have a habit of their stores looking like an old school apothecary which we love as this is what connects all their stores but for this store what we love the most is the fact that it has this decayed yet somewhat luxury feel to it. It’s a striking balance that the architects have found but one that works beautifully, check out the images below from Takumi Ota to see what I mean, enjoy 🙂

Aesop Store Interior Design

Aesop Store Interior Design2

Aesop Store Interior Design3

Aesop Store Interior Design4

Aesop Store Interior Design5

Aesop Store Interior Design6

Aesop Store Interior Design7

Aesop Store Interior Design8

Aesop Store Interior Design9