Deli-cious Branding & Interior Design!

May 1, 2012

I always enjoy sharing projects that deliver great and inspiring design, especially when that inspiring design is felt in every element of the project from the branding to the graphic design to the interior architecture and design. But what makes a project inspiring? Is it complexity, simplicity, boldness or subtlety, well the good thing is there is no straight forward answer as every project has its own style, taste and merits.

Take today’s feature project as an example, it is a blend of the subtle and the simplistic, on the outside at least, but it’s the intricate and clever detailing in both the design and the branding that give the Aschan Deli its appealing character. Finnish design firm Bond are the brains behind this project and explain the idea behind it below:

Aschan Deli is an urban quick stop for breakfast, lunch, snack or coffee. The aim was to create a concept that looks fresh and modern while communicating convenience.

The symbols, used in the signage, communications and interior, are big part of the identity. Bright colours were introduced to bring more life and sparkle into the interior. Symbols and the light ash wood texture appear consistently in the interior as well in all the printed materials. Together with colours and design language, they create a holistic feel of the brand that can be easily achieved in the future Aschan Deli locations.

Enjoy the images below of this charming little deli and we hope you appreciate and like the branding integration as much as we did.

Photography Credited to Paavo Lehtonen

We discovered this project on Behance! Make sure you appreciate the work here.