Design And Food For The Soul!

February 11, 2013

I’ve said it time and time before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love being an interior architect and designer and I love my industry. Design has the power to transcend and I just love the ever evolving nature of interior design and how with a few creative ideas something that was once before can become something oh so different in a matter of time. The way design allows the creation of unique ideas and concepts gives me so much joy and is the reason why I will love design for ever.

Take today’s feature project as an example, ultimately when you look at it, Wishbone is a fried chicken restaurant, now when I think fried chicken, a certain popular chain comes to mind or a family run diner in New Orleans that sells some glorious soul food. I think about the chicken and the gravy, I never think, “wow I bet you it has an awesome interior”. Well more fool on me because Shed Design in London have shown once more how design can touch any genre in any industry and this time they have done it with Wishbone in Brixton, London.

The first thing that strikes me about this design is the awesome feature wall that explodes with color, what a treat, this was done by professional graffiti artists Paintshop Studio. When I look at the actual space planning and the fixtures and fittings, the design is wonderful but wonderful in its simplicity. Nothing is over elaborated or over stated, the stripped back furniture pieces don’t exude luxury or pomp, they are gorgeously understated and serve the required need of fast food restaurant, come in sit down, eat up, talk to friends and leave, perhaps this is just my take on it but to me this paired back look acts as a sort of homage to the birth place of fried chicken and soul food, Americas deep south, the relaxed nature of it, the color, the charm, the hussle the bussle all say to me that this is somewhere I want to eat. Check out the images below to see what I mean.

Wishbone Restaurant Interior Design by Shed2

Wishbone Restaurant Interior Design by Shed3

Wishbone Restaurant Interior Design by Shed

Wishbone Restaurant Interior Design by Shed4

Wishbone Restaurant Interior Design by Shed5


We first came across this project on Frame Web