Design Strong & LiveStrong!

September 24, 2012

As the hunt for a new office continues I am catching up an all the cool office design projects out there in the design world as a means of inspiration to help me decide what space to take, after a day spent in the heat traipsing the streets of Dubai I have to say it’s quite nice just to burn an hour or two with a cuppa looking at office designs, I end up coming across awesome projects like today’s feature project.

Lance Armstrong has been in the news quite a bit recently which is a bit of a shame but I can never fault or criticize the man as what he has done for cancer sufferers in the world with The Lance Armstrong Foundation has been awe inspiring and now I am in even more awe of the foundation because they have a super cool headquarters where they do all their amazing work from. Based in an old school 1950’s Gulf Coast Paper Co. Warehouse the project obviously retains a certain industrial element. Designed in partnership by The Bommarito Group and Lake Flato Architects this project is all about inspiring those that set foot through the doors, as explained by The Bommarito Group:

Lance Armstrong Foundation is pledged to unite people to fight cancer believing that unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything.  This attitude conveys through the selection and design of the building interior and exterior.

A program was developed through interviews with management, key employees and a building committee composed of department representation.  Through all of the evaluations, the Foundation then purchased a 30,000 square foot warehouse in East Austin. Lance Armstrong Foundation has the goal to be close to the market that cannot afford physicians to diagnose early.  More than 180,000 people die a year and did not even know they had cancer.  Lance Armstrong Foundation pledges to fix this and this facility and this design team is key to supporting this goal.

The warehouse is being transformed to meet the entire corporate needs which include all offices and functions relating to an office and an expansion plan for a Patient Navigation Area.  This space will first navigate in diagnoses but more important, support a person through the heeling process once diagnosed with cancer.  An interior city-scape was developed with a main street, buildings and parks adjacent to the main street.  It is recognized that the employees many times take on the stress of a cancer diagnosis therefore need to be allowed to play.   The parks are a combination of seating, meeting and shared working areas.  Each park is very different than the previous.  The well-being of the employee is equally as important as their constituency.

How can one not be inspired by such a project and even more so by the interiors that were designed by Lake Flato Architects, this LEED Gold rated project is not only a wicked piece of design it is another wonderful albeit rare example of design teams coming together for the greater good  as someone who witnessed the effects of cancer and its devastating effect with my Dad I am just so touched and inspired by this project…. UNITY IS STRENGTH, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER AND ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING… LIVESTRONG

Images Credited to Hester + Hardaway