Design Worthy Of A Princess!

September 26, 2012

­One of the best things about being a designer is having the chance to challenge the status quo or the norm with our designs; it is such a pleasure to be able to have the opportunity and the ability to challenge conventional opinion with interior design projects. Today’s feature project is one that does this brilliantly. When thinking of a traditional London Pub it would be fair to assume that most of us would think of an old fashioned public house that is as musty as it is dark and dingy with stained seats, floors and a sticky over varnished bar top, most of us would probably be correct but not if it was The Princess Of Wales Pub that people were talking about.

The Princess of Wales Pub is a much more elegant and sophisticated alternative to what I have described above. Designed by Space Design Studios the project is a wonderful, charming and refreshing piece of design as described by Space Design Studios below:

Space Design Studios were asked to create a design that is in keeping with a traditional pub vibe with an original modern twist.

The ground floor evolves around the action on the central island bar where also the kitchen is a big focus with the viewing windows producing modern British food. What makes this concept work so well is the detail and fresh decorative finishes. The carefully chosen colour palette represented in luxuriant wall coverings and paint finishes.

The light fittings play a very important role. They were mostly bespoke chosen purposefully. Space Design Studios wanted to represent the idea of a traditional pub with quirky elements in the artwork too.

Now you can really feel the identity and the individuality of the space. The bar – unlike no other really is a beautiful and functional element and the show kitchen really brings the excitement factor. There are many talking points as you move through the pub – for example the two meter wide chandelier above the bar – completely covered in a mosaic of beautiful vibrant fabrics.

From the description above and the images below you can see how the real winner in this project is the carefully chosen color palette and the wall finishes. The texture and patterns of the wall finishes give a wonderful base to some of the exquisite and carefully positioned decorative elements such as the fabulous chandeliers, the archaic but detailed mirrors and fire place, all of this is brought together perfectly with a clever selection of eclectic furniture pieces and quirky artworks. I love this pub design perhaps because as the emotive name would suggest, it has an altogether more feminine fell to it, I could imagine myself sitting here with friends and not having that musty gloom hanging over me that I sometimes feel in more authentic pubs. The Princess of Wales Pub is an absolutely awesome project that will surely have a lot of people cooing about it as much as I do.