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March 4, 2012

There are so many elements that make great interior design great. It’s not just about the furniture or the fittings, the lighting the flooring and the ceilings, there are many more ingredients that need to be added so as a project can reach its optimal potential. One such factor that is often forgotten about especially in larger projects is wayfinding and signage. Way finding can play an integral part in the overall look and feel of a project and shouldn’t simply be seen as an add-on or a last minute extra when conceptualizing a project.

As we get to work on a new supermarket concept we are looking at the importance of way finding and signage and how we can design these elements in such a way that it will enhance and compliment the overall look and feel of the store. In our research we came across this awesome example of Graphic and Interior Design that was proposed for the signage and way finding of Lyon Airport. Although this was a proposal that never got the green light we still see it as a cool example of both great interior design and communication through graphics and way finding.  We hope you agree, but be warned it sure is colorful.

Photography Courtesy of Grapheine