Designed To Keep You Running!

February 7, 2012

In the last few months away from work I have been challenging myself to become a runner, well I try at least, I must say I have struggled especially in the early days but now when I am away from the drawing boards and our design studio I look forward to few things more than clearing my head and getting out there to hit the pavement.  Like most people who start out running I really suffered at the beginning, poor posture, wrong trainers, worse socks and a wardrobe that wouldn’t look out of place on a Saturday morning children’s show in the 1980’s. I could really have done with paying today’s feature project a visit.

Nike Running Club opened its doors in March this year in Amsterdam, the store designed by …,Staat Creative Agency is all about helping  runners, from novices like me through to seasoned veterans who might want to shake things up. The store focuses on looking at your running patterns, posture and movements as well as tinkering with regimes and workout plans for its customers alongside the traditional focus of Nike, selling apparel. The store is perched on a local running hotspot so targeting the right demographic was the key for this store.

What I like about the store design is that from the outside it looks like a pop up tunnel, somewhere you would run into, this is pretty cool and because it stands out so much you couldn’t help but pop in. The interior has a real underground feel to it, it’s a space where science and bio-kinetics meet shopping. I really like the LED lighting and the concept of it looking like a running track, there has been a great deal of thought that has went into the store layout and for me it works best as it is unimposing, almost relaxing and this is what you need when you are seeking something different to your usual sports apparel store. It is a very unique project, a very cool project and a project that I definitely need to share, if only to showcase the catchy but tongue in cheek slogans on the wall “Men May Rule The World, Woman Run It”, but don’t worry there is an equally satirical quip for the men to read “Woman May Play Games, Men Win Them”, we have to say this piece of banter did make us chuckle. Check out the images below to see this space where science meets retail.

Images Credited to …,Staat