Designed To Look Great At 30,000 Feet!

Usually on this blog we feature the best of interior design from around the world, that can be anything from café’s to launderettes to offices to shops to dentists to airplanes. Yes you’re quite correct, you read airplanes. That’s the beauty about being an interior designer and architect, we can design projects for any purpose anywhere in the world and even projects that may be 30,000 ft up in the air. A wonderful example of airplane design is the new World Business Class cabin from KLM which was designed by Hella Jongerius.

The design is brilliant, absolutely brilliant, as far as my limited knowledge of business class cabins go. I absolutely love the colors, patterns and textures used by Hella Jongerius, not only are they a wicked brand extension of the KLM brand but they are also completely on trend with a slight retro twist. The textile detailing that has gone into the carpets, the blankets, the pillowcase’s and the napkins is just stunning and oh so attractive to both males and females. This is the first time the interior design of a plane has featured on this blog, I couldn’t have thought of a better design to features as our first. Check out the images below credited to both KLM and by Hella Jongerius and the wicked video to see why this is the first plane to feature on our blog. Happy travels folks!

Airplane Interior Design

Airplane Interior Design2

Airplane Interior Design3

Airplane Interior Design4

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Airplane Interior Design7

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Airplane Interior Design10